PNSQC 2016 Call for Presentations is Open


PNSQC 2016 – Cultivating Quality Software

How do you cultivate great software? How do you grow a great team? What’s your secret for producing a great product? Answer the Call for Presentations! Be at PNSQC 2016.

Share your knowledge and experience on:

  • Get results from a small and scrappy team
  • Balance quality, cost and schedule in a startup
  • Continually optimizing delivery
  • Enable development productivity with targeted tools
  • Manage risk across a large organization
  • Apply agile practices to deliver

Cultivating quality requires hard work from the entire team: including developers, architects, quality assurance engineers, and project managers. Everyone contributes to producing quality.

Just starting your software career or are a seasoned professional, we are all looking for ways to make better software, meet market demands, and drive business success. There are “How to & FAQ” to help you along, come and tell us about:

  • Innovations for delivering quality software
  • Tools that make the difference in development process
  • How automation has affected your testing
  • How continuous improvement has changed your work
  • Which technologies have had the greatest impact on quality
  • What methods produce results for preventing and detecting problems

Come on, tell us, be a speaker, go to

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