The Value of a LinkedIn Connection

by Kris Minkel, Recruiting Manager

Often, when we receive requests for connections on LinkedIn we tend to just accept or decline that person with a quick glance or thought. However, when you are connecting with someone on LinkedIn, you are gathering a person’s contact information and access to them for professional related inquiries, and vice versa.

How often do you stop and consider if you can work with that person? Is this someone who has an established positive reputation? Is this someone who is connected to people you know and would be recommended by them? Those are just a few things that should cross into our minds. What about removing a connection? LinkedIn is not Facebook although it seems like the two parallel sometimes. People “delete” friends on Facebook for any reason possible. For some of us business is personal but on the LinkedIn platform it’s all about business and should stay that way. 

As a Recruiter I can only think of a few times where I have removed someone who was a connection. One example is recent: I reached out to a person who I connected with and who confirmed an interview with me and my client. But once the interview was scheduled the candidate didn’t show up for the accepted meeting. I called, texted, and e-mailed the person – but no response. The human side of me was worried about their wellbeing. I never heard back and the client decided to pass.

A few weeks later, I received a notification on LinkedIn that this person had accepted a new position. I made the quick decision not to connect with them. Why? Based on the questions posed earlier in this article, this person does not have a positive reputation and they are not someone I can trust or work with. All would be fine if they had simply communicated what happened or what the reason was that they missed the interview, I could understand and work with them in the future. I get that plans change and opportunities arise and people need to go with the best scenario that fits their lives; but communication is key. I simply cannot recommend a person for my professional network that isn’t straightforward and open.

I work hard to create real new connections and to keep people with great reputations and people I have worked with in the past as connections. At its greatest LinkedIn enables our networks share new opportunities or help point us in a positive direction. These connections often recommend your work and your professionalism and if you have a recommendation from a Director, high-level executive or even your prior manager that goes a long way for your reputation.

Most recruiters will view your LinkedIn profile to see who you are connected with, review your work history, education, and any recommendations and then reach out for opportunities that may be a match for you. It is truly a great tool that you can take with you anywhere.

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