Working With a Recruiting Agency? Here’s How to Manage Expectations

Recruiting Tips - Managing Expectations

“The first step in exceeding expectations, is to know the expectations.”

When it comes to working with a Recruiting Agency, managing expectations throughout the process is critical to building a productive and positive relationship and making an effective hire.

Yet, managing expectations can prove to be a balancing act. Candidates and employers often have contrasting views on the skills required for the job. Top it off with all of the assumptions and unpredictability common in the hiring process, and misaligned expectations can quickly turn into obstructions. Hence, it is critical to manage expectations right from the start – and minimize these situations and throughout the recruitment process.

Here are our few tips to build a strong working relationship to help you find that elusive best-fit hire.

Make sure your agency understands your business goals and team objectives for this hire

The recruiter must understand your business goals and expectations for this hire to be able to effectively communicate with potential candidates and decide if they are the right fit. The recruiter must be able to review the job specifications, company culture and understand the market trends and make no assumptions. Ask the right questions and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Communicate and have a prompt response time

Ensuring clear and concise communication will help make sure that everyone is up to speed on the next steps. The hiring process timeline and the talent search feedback loop must be clearly established. Lack of prompt communication from either the client or the recruiter may sometime result in losing the best candidates. So be sure to continually clarify every aspect of the search process and keep the lines of communication open.

Have a clear and honest market assessment for the role

Be realistic. Use your industry knowledge and provide your agency with a proper assessment of what you expect from the role. It’s equally important to share candidate requirements that are most important to you, including personality and related emotional-intelligence nuances that help ensure candidate success long term.

If you take note of these steps, clearly communicate and discuss the requirements with the clients the relationship will be much more rewarding and effective.

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