3 Top Reasons to Attend QASIG September 12!

op Reasons to attend QASIG

3 reasons to attend QASIG

1. Meet New People“Everyone you will ever meet, knows something you don’t.” – Bill Nye, UMass Lowell 2014

Bill Nye during his commencement address at UMass Lowell Morning Commencement Ceremony in 2014 said, “Everyone you will ever meet, knows something you don’t.” And when it comes to being able to easily navigate today’s development and test expectations, meeting new people who share your technical interests and experiences helps you come up with creative solutions to the challenges you face during those long work hours and presents new learning and partnership opportunities too.

2. Learn Test Automation Approaches in CI/CD Environments

If you are passionate about software development and testing, the September QASIG is a great opportunity to meet experienced professionals in the testing community who have the same drive for Quality and passion for meeting test demands in CI/CD environments. Not only is this your opportunity to learn about the nuances of testing in CI/CD, this is your chance to develop a network of professionals that you can reach out to for future collaborations.

We will be welcoming Joy Shafer and Leonard Vaughn, from The Climate Corp. They will be presenting, “An experience report on CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment).”In this presentation, Joy and Leonard will talk about the victories and setbacks, the Climate Corporation has experienced in its quest for the holy grail of software delivery. To learn more about the speakers click here.

3. Enter to Win a Free Pass to PNSQC!

PNSQC is happening from 8th – 10th October 2018 in Portland. Attending is another great way to meet new people who share your interests. While continuing to learn about best software development and test practices. We are happy to be giving away one PNSQC conference admittance (worth $1000+ value), in collaboration with PNSQC! You must be present to win.

If what you have read sounds exciting to you, register today! Meetup and have some fun along the way with free pizzas and beer! It’s an open to all event and registration is free – hope to see you there!

About QASIG – The QASIG was started in 2003 and is managed by Quardev, Inc., a technical services firm with deep roots in quality assurance and testing who provides skilled talent in IT Staffing and managed project solutions. The QASIG seeks to engage members of the high-tech community in discussions on the evolving challenges of software quality assurance and look at ways to advance the leading methodologies and best practices.

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