Managing Technical Skills Assessment in the Hiring Process

Managing Technical Skills Assessment in the Hiring Process


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Key Technologies/Skills: 

  • Skills Assessment
  • Hiring and Screening


Our clients rely on Quardev to source, assess, and present candidates for their key positions and streamline their hiring process. We work to ensure each candidate that we submit has the skills necessary to excel in the role and is a great culture fit for the client’s team.


Candidates may have the required technical skills listed on their resume, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to assess how proficient they are at working hands-on with the technology.
The candidate may be able to talk the talk, but we also need to ensure the candidate has the right level of skill to perform the work sufficiently to meet the needs of the team. In-depth skills assessment is hard to determine in a brief phone screen.


Quardev takes the interview process a step further by having our Technical Team conduct a personalized skills assessment based on the hiring manager’s needs and preferences. We feel this is an essential part of successful hiring that empowers the hiring manager to make a more informed decision. We think skills assessments should not have a “one size fits all” approach. We give each candidate a customized assessment that reflects the requirements for the role and the needs of the client. Additionally, during our interview process, Quardev’s team tests both technical and soft skills as both are essential facets of the workplace.

Technical Implementation 

Our Technical Team and Recruiters assess candidates’ skills in a thorough technical and behavioral/situational interview, as well as in a written exam that aligns with the job requirements.
Examples of technical written exam questions:

  • Demonstrate how you use a particular technology to create a solution to a problem. Display your process in coming up with a solution.
  • Perform a coding exercise that will show how clean their code is and if it is easy to follow. The task is left open to creative interpretation.

Examples of situational/behavioral questions:

  • What is the most puzzling programming challenge you have come across recently?
  • Tell me about a time a project failed and what you did about it.
  • Tell me about an application you regularly use. How would you improve its functionality? 


Relying on Quardev’s in-house technical team during the hiring process saves hiring managers time by enabling us to take on the time-consuming tasks of resume screening, initial phone screening, interviewing, and skills assessment.

We provide a complete overview of the candidate’s qualifications and how they align well with a position and the organization. Our recruiting process enables us to present a candidate that has both the technical and soft skills needed to be successful in the role. Ultimately, improving the final interview to offer ratios and closing candidates faster.

Managing Technical Skills Assessment in the Hiring Process


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