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Blockchain, What Else Can It Do? – Part 2

Blockchain - What else can it do?

Last time we talked about the blockchain that has emerged from Bitcoin technology, and we discussed a bit about how it works. However, Blockchain technology is being employed in many more ways than just cryptocurrencies. In a recent article in the New York Times, Nathaniel Popper writes, “In the first three months of 2018, venture capitalists put half a billion dollars into 75 blockchain projects, more than double what they raised in the last quarter of 2017, according to data from Pitchbook.”

Many think blockchain technology is poised to be the most technologically revolutionary concept since the Internet was invented. That notion has merit considering the scope of applications that may be affected. Certainly, any software system that uses a database could potentially be affected. Applications that require transaction histories, identity protection, or proof of ownership are other potential candidates for blockchain technology. 

According to, “This decentralized blockchain system is going to change your life from the way you transact business or manage assets, to the way you use your machines, vote, rent a car, and even prove who you are. Along the way, it will transform banks and other financial institutions, hospitals, companies, and governments among others.”

Here are just a few of the areas where blockchain technology is being developed:

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These are just a few of the many uses of blockchain technology in development today. Many corporations are beginning to invest heavily in blockchain technology services, including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Google, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank of America to name a few.  As the many advantages of blockchain technology become increasingly clear, manufacturers and technology professionals in many disciplines are leveraging the technology to improve efficiencies, add transparency and trust, increase reliability, and enhance security. This technology is still in its infancy and just like the Internet and the World Wide Web, the early days of the technology may only hint at what is to come.

Stay tuned for our next article that will focus on how we may test the technology. It’s had a few major fails in the headlines – how can we ensure this doesn’t happen?

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Resume templates – Free download

Free Download - Resume Template

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How to Create a Happier Workplace One Laugh at a Time

Today is the warmest day of the year for Seattle so far and we are celebrating it with a barbecue lunch at the office. This gives us an hour from our busy day to check up on our colleagues and share some laughs – an hour of fun! And who doesn’t love to have fun? Dealing with work stress everyday and trying to find balance between enjoying your work and meeting deadlines can get difficult. That’s why it’s important to create a fun place to work that helps bring out the best in people and strengthen relationships between employees.

A fun-oriented culture can provide many benefits:

  1. It lowers the level of feeling stressed and reduces down time.
  2. Happy employees have a greater job satisfaction and are more productive and successful. Lower stress means greater productivity.
  3. It improves communication and collaboration between employees leading to sharing of ideas and a willingness to support and ask for support.
  4. Not to mention, all of the above lead to increased employee loyalty.

Ready to add more fun to your workplace? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Celebrate milestones
  2. Sign up for volunteer events.
  3. Introduce the custom of “Ring a bell” – Whenever you accomplish a goal, finish a milestone in a project, acquire a new client (or anything significant) ring a bell and everyone cheers!
  4. Personalize the workplace – make the workplace attractive for employees to enjoy being at work.
  5. Compliment and appreciate everyone.
  6. Celebrate employee’s birthdays and work anniversaries.
  7. Have a game room for employees to use during coffee and lunch breaks.

So, the next time you find yourself or your team struggling to balance enjoying work with meeting deadlines, try adding a bit more fun. Not sure if sharing a laugh with team members is the best use of time? Remember: a fun-oriented culture creates a happy workplace – and happy team members have been shown to be more productive in the workplace than unhappy employees. Need we say more?

We’d love to hear how your team adds fun in your workplace!



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How to make yourself marketable

Want to stand out in a competitive job market? It’s increasing beneficial to work towards improving yourself whether it’s for finding a new career or growing at your current job. In fact, it’s a continuous process. Here are simple ways to enhance your skills and marketability hence making yourself hirable and desirable.


How to make yourself marketable


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Join us for the May QASIG Meeting – Blockchain Technology Overview and Discussion

Hope you can join us on Wednesday, May 9th at 6 PM for a collaborative talk about Blockchain technology presented by our own Parke Blake and Jim Frazier.

Jim Frazier, one of Quardev’s Business Development Managers and self-confessed tech geek, and Parke Blake, Senior Test Lead, will provide a brief history of Blockchain technology: what it is, what it isn’t, where it is being used today and a discussion about where it might be going in the future.

Being firmly rooted in the technology sector, we at Quardev are always curious about exploring the latest trends in technology, and in finding solutions to help our clients leverage that technology to stay ahead in this rapidly changing environment, which is IT.

Please join us for a casual evening at our office for this month’s edition of the QASIG as we explore where Blockchain is today, and where it might be going tomorrow.


See the QASIG site to learn more and sign up.

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Working With a Recruiting Agency? Here’s How to Manage Expectations

Recruiting Tips - Managing Expectations

“The first step in exceeding expectations, is to know the expectations.”

When it comes to working with a Recruiting Agency, managing expectations throughout the process is critical to building a productive and positive relationship and making an effective hire.

Yet, managing expectations can prove to be a balancing act. Candidates and employers often have contrasting views on the skills required for the job. Top it off with all of the assumptions and unpredictability common in the hiring process, and misaligned expectations can quickly turn into obstructions. Hence, it is critical to manage expectations right from the start – and minimize these situations and throughout the recruitment process.

Here are our few tips to build a strong working relationship to help you find that elusive best-fit hire.

Make sure your agency understands your business goals and team objectives for this hire

The recruiter must understand your business goals and expectations for this hire to be able to effectively communicate with potential candidates and decide if they are the right fit. The recruiter must be able to review the job specifications, company culture and understand the market trends and make no assumptions. Ask the right questions and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Communicate and have a prompt response time

Ensuring clear and concise communication will help make sure that everyone is up to speed on the next steps. The hiring process timeline and the talent search feedback loop must be clearly established. Lack of prompt communication from either the client or the recruiter may sometime result in losing the best candidates. So be sure to continually clarify every aspect of the search process and keep the lines of communication open.

Have a clear and honest market assessment for the role

Be realistic. Use your industry knowledge and provide your agency with a proper assessment of what you expect from the role. It’s equally important to share candidate requirements that are most important to you, including personality and related emotional-intelligence nuances that help ensure candidate success long term.

If you take note of these steps, clearly communicate and discuss the requirements with the clients the relationship will be much more rewarding and effective.

For more tips like these, or to speak with the Quardev Recruiting team, please click here or email – We look forward to hearing from you!

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