Onward into PNSQC 2017, the Call is Open, answer the Call!

Be a speaker in Portland this fall,
We want to know your story on Scaling Quality.

PNSQC Scaling Quality Software

Software quality can be difficult to scale. The software community wants to hear about your experience in scaling quality!
• How do you find what works for a start-up or a large multi-national corporation?
• How do you scale software quality as your organization grows?
• How can you be sure to provide a level of quality as you scale your software?
• What does scaling quality software mean to you?

Why throw your hat in the ring to be a speaker at PNSQC 2017?
• A peer-supported process to ensure success
• A career-boosting advantage you can leverage
• A chance to earn waived fees to the technical program
• A perfect time to visit Portland, Oregon in the fall – food, beer, mountains and a river!

We invite you to submit a proposal to the 35th Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference. We are the longest running software quality conference in the country and we would love to have you contribute. Help us celebrate 35 years of software quality.

Deadline May 1 to submit a proposal
Come on, tell us, be a speaker, go to pnsqc.org

PNSQC is next week – we hope to see you there!

The Pacific Northwest Quality Conference is next week, October 17-19, in Portland, Oregon and we are very excited to be attending and participating again!  We love this conference as it attracts a diverse audience from near and far and is such a great community with a size that enables us to meet new colleagues while also being able to reconnect with those we already know.

This year’s conference is centered on cultivating quality and includes two days filled with great keynotes, invited speakers, and position papers and one day of in-depth workshops. A bonus this year is that each day begins with coffee, tea, and yoga. Seems a great way to get centered and caffeinated for the day and ready to learn and connect with others dedicated to quality in software.

Some notable things we look forward to checking out:

  • Keynote: From Software Tester to Leader: How to Take a Radical Leap Forward at Work, Peter Khoury, Magnetic Speaking. An effective way to increase quality is to be heard and building communication and leadership skills is a great way to get there.
  • Leading Change from the Quality Team by John Ruberto, Concur. John recently spoke at our QASIG meeting and has some great ideas to share.
  • Dine Around Portland. Monday night heading out on the town to check out Portland’s vibrant foodie, wine, cocktail, and ice cream scene.
  • Quality: 2020, Brian Gaudreau. How to plan and be ready for the future of software quality.
  • And so many more!

We know we’ll come away energized as always and look forward to our time there next week. If you are attending stop by our table on Monday to say hi! Krista, Jeff, and Cindy will be there to chat about quality and of course, we’ll have our signature flip pads to give away so you can take notes in the sessions.

Check out the PNSQC Website to learn more about the program (and there’s still time to register if you haven’t yet!).

Stay tuned for our follow-up conference review!


Emerald City ComiCon – April 2016

If you are planning on attending the Emerald City ComiCon (and if you are you should get your tickets soon! It’s almost sold out: https://www.emeraldcitycomicon.com/), you should stop by and listen to Ian King, with his co-presenters including Rich Alderson (moderator), Brooks Peck, Bergen R. McMurray, Shaye Whitmer, and Keith Hayes, on April 8th at 11 am.

The team will discuss, “To Infinity and Beyond! The Evolution of Technology and Sci-Fi”

What came first, the chicken or the egg, reality or sci-fi? Would we have hover-boards if Back to the Future never existed, would the Terminator have been written if Archytas of Tarentum never built his mechanical bird? We examine the world that creates sci-fi, and how the most loved sci-fi worlds do more than inspire our imaginations; they inspire reality. We will explore the evolution of technology’s connection to sci-fi, from the very first appearance of Frankenstein, to artificial intelligence in the form of JARVIS and HAL 9000.

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