Need technical content but don't have the time or expertise?

Clear, concise, consistent - these are our standards in our managed technical writing and content development services. Supplement your existing technical writing team, or bring in a specific competency to complete your team - you can be confident we'll deliver relevant expertise to help complete your project.

Quardev guarantees timely delivery of documents that are accurate and relevant to your audience, resulting in a vastly improved experience. Thorough, accurate, and accessible technical documentation means fewer help desk calls and better-informed users who want to learn more about your products and services.

When you work with Quardev, you'll see firsthand how good communication is an integral part of the Quardev experience. You'll always be up-to-date on your project status, and your ability to engage experts across a diverse set of disciplines is never more than an e-mail or phone call away.

Content Strategy

Managed Content Services


We can help with all of your content development needs. We understand how to present technical information for an intended audience and are adept at repurposing content for use in multiple media forms and for multiple audiences.


We write technical and marketing whitepapers and case studies, training guides, end user manuals, installation guides, and developer documents (SDKs). We can take on an entire project or supplement your internal team.



We build online help systems, including context-sensitive help and embedded help systems. Formats include HTML Help, MS Help, and Cross-browser Help. We can also help you with creating electronic books and demonstrations (online tutorials or training).


We can manage content for your existing documents. We will update and compile your information in the appropriate format and ensure that it is ready to release with subsequent versions of your product. We can maintain the feature contents, graphics, cross references, indices, table of contents and copyright information.


We provide all levels of editing services, from editing the organization, emphasis, and appropriateness of content, adherence to standards and guidelines, to editing text for grammatical, spelling, and style errors.


We provide desktop publishing services. We can ensure that your documentation set looks professional and flows appropriately.


Partner with us to hit the ground running. You’ll get hand-picked resources that meet your unique requirements-and we’ll start adding value to your business on Day One. Contact us to get started.

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