Have a QA or Test project that needs attention but you don't have the time, people, or space?

At Quardev, our managed Testing/QA services can help you get work done through providing a broad range of industry-leading testing services, backed by an experienced team, to ensure your product meets your exacting performance and quality standards. When you partner with Quardev, you'll always be up to date on the status of your project, letting you focus on what you do best - designing and building great software.

Quardev's renowned flexibility and holistic approach enables our staff to adjust quickly to any changes in requirements or timeline. We create solutions independently or work with you to design scalable testing strategies that satisfy your needs and meet your budget.

Let us handle your testing and QA efforts.

Components of Quality

Managed Testing Services


Our Mobile Device Testing helps to ensure the quality of your native or web-based mobile application on any matrix you require for your client base. With our test suite, we can test your mobile app on any mobile device, network, and operating system around the world. The device list includes access to feature phones, smartphones, and a variety of tablets. It's an easy, cost-efficient way to test the functionality, usability, and performance of your native or web-based mobile applications.


If your product is presented via the Internet, you face many new challenges. Browser compatibility, ASP, JSP, server integration, streaming media, throughput - and much, much more. Count on our years of experience to cut directly to the essentials that will ensure your customers receive information smoothly, quickly, and reliably.


Confirming the successful operation of any application's features is imperative. Our engineers can analyze every aspect of your application's operations. We employ extensive exploratory testing techniques, covering all aspects of the user interface. Or, if working with the functional specification, we can integrate those features generally hidden from the end user into our testing process.


In this diverse consumer marketplace, it is important for applications either to work with a variety of user platforms, operating systems, and servers and browsers, or to dictate the environment on which the product is intended to be used. Our compatibility testing allows development organizations to deliver a product with the confidence needed to augment marketing and sales efforts with specific platform compatibility information.


The success of any code or content corrections made after a defect has been reported must be confirmed before delivering any product to market. In addition, one of the most common mistakes in making code corrections is overlooking the risks of introducing new problems. At Quardev, we carefully recreate the environment and steps involved when the bug was originally reported to verify or deny the success of the changes. We also take great care in reviewing other areas of the application to ensure nothing was inadvertently affected that may cause new problems to be introduced.


Customer satisfaction begins with ease of use and ease of use begins with installation. Quardev can test product installation on multiple platforms then analyze the success. We can provide critical feedback on the ease of the entire installation process, the clarity of "getting started" manuals, and the time it takes to get your users up and running. Collaboration with Quardev in this aspect of your development process will save hours for your help desk and hundreds in telephone bills.



To release a software product confidently in today's marketplace it is important to determine, to a deeper extent than basic compatibility testing allows, how well the application works in a variety of hardware/software environments. Quardev tests products in specific settings and evaluates performance as it interacts with third-party software, various operating systems, computer platforms, necessary hardware, and internet delivery methods.


An application can function perfectly according to the specification, have every necessary feature, and perform flawlessly under load-yet not work at all for the users if the User Interface is not clear and easy to understand. Quardev views hundreds of applications. We understand the latest trends in User Interface design and know what users expect to see in different situations. Additionally, we act as fresh eyes for applications that designers and developers have seen since inception. Our impartiality and broad-based perspective work to your advantage as we provide valuable insight to the general usability of your application.


It is important to establish a sound estimation of the number of concurrent users that can effectively access an application. Particularly with web-based applications, the speed of user access to functionality and information is increasingly critical. Having had vast exposure to different disc, LAN, and Internet-based applications gives Quardev a competitive edge in evaluating where an application's response times begin to fall out of the range of acceptable usability. Quardev can also provide accurate benchmark response times on various platforms, under increasing load.


Staffing a help desk is a costly overhead expense. Your help desk relies on solid documentation to relay to your customers, while your customers depend on solid documentation to get them started and to answer questions before placing that call. Documentation must be extremely clear, thorough, and accurate. Quardev will carefully review your documentation, step by step, ensuring that it provides the information your users need in a way they will understand. Additionally, we have an expert staff of professional technical writers and editors who can review your documents for consistency in form, clarity of presentation, and compliance with industry standards. Take advantage of our experience. Your help desk will be glad you did!


Partner with us to hit the ground running. You’ll get hand-picked resources that meet your unique requirements, and we’ll start adding value to your business on Day One. Contact us to get started.

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