October 14, 2020 | 5 pm PDT | Virtual Event

The Program Management Special Interest Group is devoted to the discussion of Project, Program, or Product Management issues of all kinds.  A speaker is chosen to do a webinar each even month of the year to share a novel or engaging idea or experience covering this simple charter: “How do we manage who does what by when?” (with a splash of some Hows and Whys for good measure).  Discussion topics will include classic planning and execution topics as estimation, tooling, and reporting, but also how the dynamics of coordination, communication, and culture influence to the role of a PM.

PMSIG is hosted by Jon Bach, a Senior Program Manager at eBay, leading various quality-related efforts in its Marketing Technologies team of 150 people. He has more than two decades of software quality project experience as a tester, test manager, test consultant, and test director, which he now uses to help eBay make sure its marketing efforts are thoughtful and relevant. He has an energetic and practical style, and he is known to many eBay customers as “Jon the Bug Hunter.”

The PMSIG is sponsored by Quardev, Inc., a technical services firm with who provides skilled talent in IT Staffing and managed project solutions. PMSIG meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each even-numbered month eventually at the Quardev offices: 2707 NE Blakeley Street, Seattle, WA 98105 but until we can all enjoy each other’s company in person we will be hosting these remotely. This is a complimentary, inclusive community looking to provide an informative and interactive environment to discuss and promote new ideas, theories, methodologies, and technologies for the PM community.

We are looking for some dynamic speakers for the 2021 meetings. If you are interested, please let us know.

Our inaugural meeting will be October 14th at 5pm and will showcase Margaret Kenrick of Nanostring who will be presenting on “Facilitating Strategic Planning in Industry through Strengths-Based Leadership”. We hope you can join us.

Guest Speaker

Alicia Pudwill image

Alicia Pudwill
MBA in Global Management, PMP Certified

The Emerging Role of Company Ecology on Project Methodology

We are a part of something bigger, a part of something important. We have an understanding of our human body, which consists of many systems and parts. We logically see that we are a part of this world and eat the fruits that grow from earth's soil. But do we truly understand the importance of the business ecology in which we live every day? Ecology is the study of organisms in their environment and how they interact with it. Discovering our relationship with any system we are part of can be incredibly enlightening. For instance, in a new documentary on Netflix, "My Octopus Teacher," the narrator reveals that his epiphany occurred when he realized he was part of this place and not just a visitor.

As project managers, we live in the world of business. Business has its unique ecology and system, though we rarely take a moment to consider it. Socially, economically, and structurally, these systems are intertwined to create a dynamic environment that dramatically affects our projects. As we develop in this environment, we learn to adapt and become part of it. As project managers, we have an opportunity to launch this business environment towards incredible growth and fulfillment. We do this humbly as teachers and leaders. We encourage our stakeholders and open doors.

Join us as we discuss the role of company ecology with a fresh, new perspective as if feeling it for the first time. Understand how your awareness and mentality of the world you live and breathe in affects your work's curiosity and passion. You are responsible for the health and success of an idea, which manifests as your project. First, we will dig into the framework of this business ecology, and then we will examine how to navigate through it. Finding your own sense of clarity moves you to investigate and overcome obstacles as you have never experienced before.

About our speaker: Alicia Pudwill has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and an MBA in Global Management. She has had her PMP certification for 4 years and has been managing projects for over 6 years. She is endlessly curious and continues to bring in new concepts to Project Management, including her 3 years of teaching yoga. Her alternative perspective is one-of-a-kind. She currently has 19k LinkedIn followers and has authored multiple articles.

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