PNSQC 2015 Registration is open

Posted on behalf of PNSQC Crew:

PNSQC 2015 Registration is Open! We will be brewing up quality in Portland Oregon, plan on joining us.

Registration opens with super early-bird discounts for individuals and groups, students and poster paper presenters receive additional discounts. Register before July 31 to save up to $300; groups of 4 or more receive an extra 15% off.

The first Keynote speakers will explore the geniuses at Netflix and how Casey Rosenthal turned chaos into our entertainment go-to channel with his talk Engineering Chaos – About Trust in Unpredictable Systems.

Followed up by David Hussman from DevJam Studios, who explores how to embrace wrongness, learn from it, and make it a vital part of our successes with How to Build the Wrong Thing Faster and Learn From It.

The invited speakers, workshops and technical program abstracts are all there for you to preview as we brew quality software together.

Poster/Concept papers are still open for submissions – let’s start a conversation about quality and be part of the program receiving half price admission. There is supporting material on the PNSQC blog to help start the conversation.

Join us in Portland as we brew up quality, register now!

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